Pico Union Housing


Valued Providers


These organizations are housed at the PUEDE CENTER providing unique services to our community.

Youth Build

Provides out-of-school young adults, ages 17 to 24, with community-based alternative education program leading to high school equivalency or diploma, and recognized occupational skills training in construction and trades. Paid internships and apprenticeship are available during the year

UCLA Youth P.

 UCLA Youth Program Paid work experience for Youth Ages 19-24 who are experiencing homelessness or unstable housing condition. LA Community Legal and Educational Center Inc. Free classes and workshops to help you keep your rent under control, well maintained, lead free, at a fair price and without the fear to be asked to leave any minute.

Cross Roads

C.A.C is a community based organization with a mission to develop and preserve affordable housing with an emphasis on residential ownership and to promote higher education among low income communities in the Pico Union district. The goal of Crossroads C.A.C. is to assist the local constituents in creating wealth by developing programs and strategies that will increase their net worth

L.A. Casa Morelia

“Un Lugar para Todos” and Attention to Nayarit Immigrants In partnership with the Mexican Consulate, SEP (Secretaria de Educacion Publica) and INEA (Instituto Nacional para La Educacion de los Adultos), it provides certification on Read and Write Literacy, Elementary School, Middle School and HighSchool. LA Casa Morelia program elevates the Spanish Language culture and character in our communities. All nationalities and background are welcome. Commissioned by the XXXII Legislature of Nayarit State, Mexico. Facilitates assistance and support for the people of Nayarit living in the City of Los Angeles