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The Historic Restoration Workshops at PUHC PUEDE Center offers hands-on, intensive training and theory for individuals working with architectural preservation, historic structures, and historic property maintenance and conservation.

This course is designed for various levels of experience and can be of great benefit for community members, high school students, veterans, contractors, architects, trades people, homeowners, historic house museum professionals, and anyone interested in the field of historic preservation. Through these courses, participants are able to better understand the nature of historic building materials, the cause and effects of their deterioration, and the steps that can be taken to mitigate or repair damage including tained glass, lighting fixture repair, hardware, signs, gates and sustainable practices.

These course is offered at a prime Historic Restoration House called “CASAS ALICIAS” where the building is used as a laboratory with state approved Blue Prints and well as all documentation for certification. From oppression to hope we bring ideas and insights from the community to facilitate humanities experiences that elevate the living conditions in our community.

The history, craft, art, architecture, business opportunity, green retrofit, oral history for historic houses provide a perfect platform to elevate the ethics and culture of our disadvantage neighborhood.

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